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What stops me earning Shareback?

WeShop works with retailers to make sure your transactions appear in your dashboard, however, there are some instances where your transactions might not appear or your shares are removed. We've explained more about what might stop you earning Shareback below.
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If you've made your purchase already & it hasn't appeared in your dashboard after 72 hours, you can raise a claim to recover your missing shares.
Raise a missing purchase claim

Things to look out for

Always read the Important things to know on the retailer page before making your purchase. If a retailer has particularly important terms to pay attention to, we will flag this with a pop-up when visiting their page. We've summarised the most important basics below:

Make sure you're using the right browser

Certain web browsers might cause Shareback technology to break, especially if you're blocking cookies or if you're using anonymised browsing experiences like Brave or Firefox Developer. 
We recommend sticking to the browser that comes with your device.
We're aware of issues with certain retailers (such as Just Eat) that seem to have tracking issues with Safari. We'd recommend switching to Google Chrome.

Using unsupported discount codes might stop you earning shareback
Using discount codes, voucher codes & even certain staff/blue-light/military discounts could break Shareback technology. Your purchase might appear in your dashboard, but will be deducted after the retailer has confirmed the use of a discount code.
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Using Klarna, ClearPay, PayPal Credit & Buy Now Pay Later services

If you use services that offer 'pay in 3' or 'buy now, pay later' type payments, your WeShop shares may be removed from your dashboard.
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Always pay with a supported debit/credit card

It's important to make sure you're paying for your items with a supported debit/credit card. Using alternative forms of payment like gift cards, might break Shareback technology.

Never pay with reward points or loyalty schemes

Using reward points & loyalty schemes (such as Boots Advantage Points) might cause problems with Shareback technology. Always read the Important Things to Know about the retailer before making your purchase.
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Make your purchase as soon as you visit the retailer

You should always make your purchase as soon as you visit the retailer via WeShop. If you wait too long, the Shareback technology might expire before you purchase. 

Don't add items to your basket or wishlist before using WeShop

If you add items to your basket or your wishlist before you've used WeShop, the Shareback technology might not recognise the item was added to your basket and you won’t earn shares.

Complete your purchase online

If you don't complete your purchase online, the Shareback technology will not track your purchase as completed. An example of this would be 'Click & Reserve' purchases or 'Pay in cash' transactions.
If you're shopping with eBay & use the 'Contact seller' option on a purchase like a vehicle, then you will not be eligible for Shareback.
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Make your purchase through the retailer's UK website

If you are based outside of the UK when you make your purchase then you may not be directed to a retailer's UK website which will result in your purchase failing to earn shares.
Using VPNs to 'spoof' your location will also break Shareback technology.

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Updated on: 26/02/2024