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What happens to my transaction once it's in my dashboard?

When WeShop is informed by the retailer about a purchase it must then go through a pretty simple process to ensure it's genuine & valid. This isn't a reflection on you as a customer, it's standard protocol to allow for returned & cancelled purchases.

Available in XX months

The transaction has now been validated by the retailer, the simple checks they'll perform include, making sure you don't return or cancel the order, etc. These basic checks can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, but don't worry, the WeShop lock-in timer has started counting down from the time the purchase was made, not when it appeared in your dashboard.

Under retailer review

This is quite a rare occurrence, but this transaction status means it has surpassed the minimum 12-month lock-in and is now simply waiting for the retailer to perform their review (like we mentioned before, just checking you've not returned or cancelled the item). Usually if you've booked a holiday in advance, that's when you'll see this status appear. It's nothing to worry about and we'll keep an eye on it ourselves to make sure it doesn't drag on too long after your 12-month lock-in.


If you've returned the item, you'll see a red highlight across the transaction. This is an item that we've deducted from your dashboard, with a reason as to why it's been removed. If you notice a declined transaction that you don't recognise then get in touch with support by long-pressing on an individual transaction and hitting the 'Contact support' button.


Once your transaction has passed the 12-month lock-in and passed retailer validation, your shares will be marked as available. If you choose to withdraw your shares, they will be removed from your dashboard.

Updated on: 26/02/2024