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Raising a claim for my purchases

If you've made a purchase at one of our supported retailers and something hasn't gone quite right, you can raise a claim & we'll investigate it for you. If you're consistently seeing transactions not tracking properly, then we'd recommend reading our article on what might stop you earning Shareback

How to raise a claim

If you've made a purchase over 72 hours ago and it's not appeared in your dashboard, you can raise a claim using our simple claim form
You'll need a few things to hand before raising a claim:
Your WeShop account details (username & email address)
Your order confirmation email from the retailer
Once you've raised your claim, the details of your claim will be checked by one of our customer support team (you'll be contacted if there's anything we need more information on).
Once it's been submitted to the retailer for review, the shares you're owed will be temporarily added to your dashboard during the retailer review process.

For more information on raising claims for particular transaction issues, see the articles below:
Missing purchases
Incorrect amounts
Wrongly declined

What happens after I raise a claim for a transaction?

Step One

Once we receive your claim, we'll check your claim details and prepare the claim for submission to the retailer. The majority of cases will be submitted to the retailer 72 hours after your purchase, some retailers do require a 7 day period since your purchase.
In most cases, we're able to check your claim & submit it immediately, however, we'll contact you if there are any details in your claim submission that we need more information for.

Step Two

Once we've submitted your claim to the retailer, we'll add a temporary transaction to your dashboard for the total amount of your claim and we'll send you a confirmation email on submission.
If you've raised a wrong amount claim, your transaction may 'double bubble' for a period as it's being reviewed by the retailer, resulting in more shares than you'll actually have. Your shares will be adjusted once the retailer has reviewed your claim.

Step Three

During the review period (which is normally around 75 days), we'll continue to monitor your claim’s progress & update you each week with any status changes. Your claim may take longer than 75 days to process during busy seasonal periods (i.e. Christmas, etc).

Step Four

Once the retailer has completed their investigation, they'll advise us on the outcome of your claim. If your claim has been approved by the retailer, the temporary claim shares will be removed once your purchase has been added by the retailer.

Updated on: 15/04/2024