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What happens if I return, cancel my order, or request a refund?

If you have purchased an item at one of our supported retailers and are unhappy with it, you can return it to the retailer in-store or by postage (according to the retailer returns policy).
Your shares will be removed or adjusted depending on the value of your return (for example, if you buy 3 items and return 1 of them, then we'll automatically adjust the value of your transaction).

If I return or cancel my purchase, will the shares be removed from my dashboard?

Your shares will be adjusted according to the amount you returned. If you'd fully returned or cancelled your order, then your entire transaction will be removed.
Some retailers treat any returned items that equate to over 50% of the original basket value as a full return. If you've been affected by this and can prove you haven't returned your entire purchase, you can raise a wrongly declined claim.

How do I return an item I've purchased using a retailer?

Each retailer will have a different returns policy, please follow the returns/refunds procedure for that retailer. You can usually find a link to their returns policy on the order confirmation email you'll have received.

How do I return an item purchased from a retailer via WeShop?

If you encounter any issues with products purchased from a retailer via WeShop you need to follow the returns/refunds procedure of that retailer. This can usually be found in the ‘Returns’ section of their website. Any products purchased from a retailer via WeShop should always be returned to the retailer directly.

How long does it take for returns & refunds to take effect on my WeShop dashboard?

If you've made a full return, this can take anywhere from 30 to 180 days for the retailer to inform us of the change and for us to remove the shares from your dashboard. If you've partially returned an item, this can take effect much faster.

Are there any time limits to consider if I need to return an item?

Yes, the retailer will impose a standard returns policy and WeShop are happy to work within that time period. WeShop does not impose any additional requirements here.
Please read more information about holiday & travel bookings as there is a slightly different set of regulations we have to follow.

Will my shares be affected if I partially return my order?

If you've made a partial return on your order, your shares will be adjusted according to the new value of your basket. As we described above, some retailers will treat returned items that equate to over 50% of the original basket value as a full return. You can raise a claim for this if you're able to prove you've not returned your entire purchase.
Raise a claim

How are refunds handled if I purchase a product/service that is now discontinued?

Retailer refunds will apply regardless of availability. Please follow the retailer refunds/returns policy and we will be alerted to any returns/cancellations & adjust your shares accordingly.

What happens if I don't receive a cash refund for my purchase & instead receive in-store credit?

If you've returned your purchase & received a refund of any type (including in-store credit or gift cards) your transaction will be declined by the retailer & your shares will be deducted from your dashboard.

Updated on: 26/02/2024