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Using the First Purchase Bonus

WeShop runs a variety of First Purchase Bonuses for new customers to enjoy when they first join WeShop. We've covered off a few of the common questions below.
First Purchase Bonus Rules

What is the First Purchase Bonus?

WeShop wants to help our members understand what WeShop is quickly, so the easiest way to do that is to give you a boosted Shareback rate on the first purchase you make using WeShop. The rewards can change frequently, so check your Shopping page to see if you're eligible.

What happens if the bonus is assigned to the wrong purchase?

Transactions can appear in your dashboard at different times, it varies on the speed the retailer informs us of the transaction. If you've made multiple purchases within a short period of time, it's entirely possible the first transaction that appears in your account is wrongly assigned the First Purchase Bonus.

As an example, if you buy something at Nike at 11am and then buy something from ASOS at 2pm, you might find the ASOS purchase appears in your dashboard before the Nike transaction.
When your first transaction does arrive in your dashboard, your First Purchase Bonus will be automatically re-assigned to the transaction with the earliest time of purchase.

What happens to the first purchase bonus if you return your purchase?

The First Purchase Bonus is only assigned to a valid first-time purchase, if you've made your purchase and returned it then we'll automatically remove the bonus assigned. Your next qualifying purchase will then be assigned the bonus.
Even if you return your purchase & make your next purchase after the initial First Purchase Bonus period has expired, you'll still earn the bonus on the next qualifying purchase.

What is the maximum amount you can spend with the First Purchase Bonus?

There is no maximum amount on your first purchase, you'll earn the bonus Shareback rate advertised as long as the transaction is genuine and you don't return or cancel the purchase.

When does the First Purchase Bonus expire?

The countdown shown on your Shopping page begins from the moment you create your WeShop account. Your countdown shows how long you've got left to make your purchase & still earn the First Purchase Bonus.

Updated on: 08/04/2024