Articles on: Transactions

What happens if I use a discount code?

You cannot use unsupported discount codes & earn Shareback on your purchases. If you've used a discount code, your transaction will either not appear in your dashboard or it will decline when the retailer reviews your purchase.

What type of discounts will affect my transaction?

This varies by retailer, but your transaction may be affected if you use any discount code that hasn't been advertised by WeShop and may include:
Blue Light Discounts
Staff Discounts
Student Discounts
Military Discounts
On-site discount codes
Newsletter subscription discount codes
Discount codes from alternative websites (such as VoucherCloud)

Can I still earn Shareback on items in the 'outlet' or sale?

If you purchase items from the sale section or are discounted on-site then you will still earn Shareback on these items.

What discount codes are supported by WeShop?

Occasionally, retailers will send WeShop their own custom discount codes that are valid for use by WeShop members & you'll still earn Shareback on your purchases if you use a discount code advertised by WeShop.

Updated on: 26/02/2024