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Using Klarna, ClearPay & Buy Now, Pay Later

WeShop cannot guarantee your transaction will be validated if you use Klarna, ClearPay & any Buy Now Pay Later services (including 'Pay in 3' or credit agreements).
WeShop only act on the information provided by the retailer. If your purchase has been declined, your shares will be removed from your dashboard.

Which services are likely to affect the Shareback technology?

Your transaction may be declined by the retailer if you use any unsupported payment options (including, but not limited to):
PayPal Credit
Any form of credit agreement offered by the retailer (such as Currys Creation Finance)

What happens if I book a holiday and pay in instalments or pay at property?

This varies by retailer, however, typically paying for a holiday in instalments will not affect your Shareback. If you pay at property, you'll earn shares on the value of your booking.
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Updated on: 26/02/2024