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Using reward & loyalty points to pay for your purchase

If you use reward or loyalty points (such as Boots Advantage points) to pay for your transaction partially or fully, the likelihood is the retailer will decline your purchase for not using a supported debit/credit card.

Which loyalty & reward schemes will likely affect my transaction?

WeShop does not support purchases partially or fully paid using loyalty or reward points. This includes but is not limited to:
Boots Advantage points
Superdrug Health & Beauty Card
Sainsbury's Nectar Points
Waterstones Plus

What happens if I'm a member of a discount program?

This varies by retailer. If you have access to a discount program with the retailer, it may still affect your transaction. If your transaction is declined for using an unsupported discount code or program, the shares earned from that transaction will be removed from your dashboard.
Purchases made using staff discounts will not be eligible for Shareback.
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Can I still earn points on my purchases?

Yes, you can still earn points at the retailer from your purchases & earn shares for making the purchase. Your transaction value will match the value you paid when you check-out.

Is my Shareback affected (or reduced) if I also earn reward points?

No, your purchase will not be affected & you'll earn Shareback on the total value of your basket (excluding any shipping/delivery or additional fees).

Updated on: 26/02/2024