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Why has my dashboard changed value?

Your dashboard may occasionally change in value. We're working on ways to help improve the messaging around why your dashboard has changed, but here's a few reasons:

One of the transactions in your dashboard has been declined by the retailer, due to a returned item, cancelled purchase or something else - Read more about declined transactions
The share price has gone up - when the share price goes up, the value of your individual shares go up (for example, 100 shares at £1 is £100, if the share price goes up to £1.20, your shares would now be worth £120).
The retailer has adjusted the value of a historic transaction, this can be due to a partial return, currency conversion fees, VAT, shipping & delivery fees or other fees - Read more about incorrect amount transactions
Historic claims being removed from your dashboard, if the retailer has added the transaction retrospectively, we'll remove the additional transaction to make sure you've not 'double bubbled' a transaction.

If you're concerned by the change on your dashboard, please contact support who will be happy to explain the reason for the change to your dashboard.

Updated on: 26/02/2024