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Why was my purchase declined?

If you've got evidence to suggest your transaction was genuine & didn't fall into one of the listed reasons above, you can raise a claim.

Raise a declined purchase claim

Important things to know

If you've made a purchase using WeShop and the transaction has been updated to remove your shares, here's a few different reasons why your purchase was declined:
You've returned or cancelled your purchase, this is the most common reason we'd deduct shares from your account.
If you've partially returned your purchase (e.g. you've bought 3 items and returned 1 of the items), the value of your transaction will change in your dashboard and shares awarded will be adjusted accordingly.
You've made a purchase and it broke the Important Things to Know by the retailer (for example, you've booked a flight using, where we only award shares for accommodation bookings).
You've made a purchase and it was flagged as fraudulent.
You've made a purchase and the transaction didn't go through due to payment failure (including failing credit checks).
You've used a discount code (including blue light, student discounts & discount codes) that wasn't supported by WeShop.

How quickly are claims resolved by the retailer?

The review period takes approximately 75 days to investigate & resolve your claim, this may take longer to process during busy seasonal periods.
Read more about what happens after you've raised a claim

Updated on: 15/04/2024