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First Purchase Bonus Rules

You must have made a purchase at one of our supported retailers within the initial promotion period (shown in your mobile app) of registering your WeShop account.
A purchase is defined as a single transaction by checking-out at the retailer site.
If you return or cancel your order, your first purchase bonus will be removed from your dashboard and you may earn it on your next qualifying purchase (even if your next purchase was outside of the initial promotion period).
Awarded shares will be given to valid & genuine transactions. Any partial returns, full returns or cancellations will result in the awarded shares being changed to reflect the end result of the transaction.
If you've made more than one purchase at a retailer in quick-succession, you may find your purchase awarded with the 'First Purchase Bonus' is not correct, if this has happened, you can speak to customer services, who will be able to assist you with this issue.
There is no minimum or maximum spend amount required to meet your First Purchase Bonus requirements.
If your first purchase hasn't appeared in your dashboard within the initial promotion period, you can raise a claim with customer support who will then make sure your claimed purchase still receives the First Purchase Bonus.
WeShop reserve the right to revoke any First Purchase Bonus if we or the retailer deem the transaction to be illegitimate/fraudulent.

Updated on: 26/02/2024