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Reading the Important Things to Know

WeShop has hundreds of retailers across different industries, we work with each retailer individually to make sure we've covered any unique, odd & unusual things you'll need to know about before you make your purchase to ensure your Shareback will be approved by the retailer.

We've broken down a few of the more common terms to look out for by industry below, but, always read the Important things to know on the retailer page to be sure.

Product purchases

When shopping for products on WeShop, we'd suggest making sure you're buying the items you'd normally buy and not buying with unusual shopping patterns (for example, buying 100 pairs of Apple AirPods would likely flag up as fraudulent).
Returning a physical item (either in-store or postage) will result in your shares being removed from your dashboard. If you've only made a partial return (i.e. you've bought 3 items and returned 1 item), your shares will be adjusted accordingly.
If you're seen to be buying lots of the same items, your account will be flagged by the retailer and/or by WeShop. This is to make sure we're actively targeting fraudulent purchases.
Make sure you always complete your purchase online, using a supported debit/credit card. For example, if you reserve & pay in-store then it's unlikely you'll earn shares for your purchase.
Whilst every retailer is slightly different you won't earn shares on any additional fees at check-out (i.e. credit card fees, delivery & shipping). You'll only earn shares on the value of your items.
WeShop can't guarantee every item in your basket will be eligible for Shareback, it's important to read the Important Things to Know on a retailer's page before purchasing to make sure.
If you've made a particularly expensive purchase or repeatedly purchased from the same retailer in a very short period of time (for example, 10 purchases in 1 hour), your account may be flagged for review. This is a temporary measure to make sure your purchases are genuine.
Extended warranties, protection plans & subscription-based support (for example, Apple Care Plans) won't be included when the shares are awarded.


Always pay online when ordering a takeaway for delivery or collection, if you choose to pay in cash for your takeaway then you will not earn Shareback.
If you're unhappy with your order and request a refund, your shares will be adjusted according to the value of the refunded amount. Your shares may not be affected if you receive compensation in free items, etc.
If you cancel the order & receive a refund, your shares will be adjusted according to the value of the refunded amount.

Holidays, flights & travel bookings

Your shares will only be made available after the 12-month lock-in period and once the retailer has validated your booking after you've been on your holiday.
If you change your booking and the price you've paid (or will pay), your shares will be adjusted according to the amount you pay.
If you cancel your booking, your shares will be deducted from your dashboard.
Travel providers usually have additional fees, taxes & charges that are added to your basket. Typically, these will not be included when calculating your Shareback.
If you pay for additional extras during your stay (such as breakfast, spa access, room service, etc.) these will not be included when calculating your Shareback.
High-value bookings may be flagged for review by the fraud team.

Tickets & experiences

If you book a ticket or experience using one of the supported retailers on WeShop, you'll earn Shareback on the value of your booking.
If the event is cancelled, postponed or you're unable to attend the event for any reason and you receive a refund for your booking, your Shareback will be declined or adjusted according to the amount.
If you transfer or resell the tickets after buying the tickets, your Shareback may be affected if you resell via the retailer you booked.

Grocery Shopping

You must always pay online when buying groceries online.
Shareback technology is supported for click & collect or home delivery options.
Typically, a retailer will require a minimum order value (excluding delivery), you must always read the Important Things to Know on the retailer page before shopping.
If you receive a substitute for a product in your order that is less than the value you've paid or you've received a partial refund on your basket, the Shareback earned will be re-calculated based on the new transaction value.

Updated on: 26/02/2024