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Paying for your purchase using a gift card

Every retailer has a slightly different policy when it comes to payment options. We'd advise against using gift cards to pay for your purchase to reduce the chance of your transaction being declined later.

Why can't I earn Shareback when redeeming a gift card?

The primary reason is the cost of issuing a gift card & paying WeShop to issue the Shareback means the retailer is unlikely to support gift cards as an option for payment.
It is also possible to buy a gift card using WeShop, where the savvy shopper might get the idea of buying a gift card for one of our supported retailers & then trying to 'doubling up' on the Shareback by making their purchase at the supported retailer website too. This is strictly prohibited, and your transaction will decline if you attempt this 'gaming' of the system.

What if I partially pay for my purchase using a gift card?

Again, this comes down to each individual retailer, but the likelihood is if you pay for any part of your transaction using an unsupported payment mechanism then your transaction will be declined.

Updated on: 26/02/2024