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How to: Like, Share & Comment on Posts

WeShop is a community of shoppers, if you've found a post on WeShop useful and want to show gratitude then you can like, share or comment on the post.

Commenting or reacting to a post

To see the comments or add your own comment, tap the comment icon under the post.
Tap the comment bar at the bottom of your screen.
You can type up to 250 characters in a comment or use the emoji icon to add a reaction to the post.
Tap the send arrow to add your comment to the post.

Why not try tagging a product?
You can tag a product to your comment by tapping the shopping page icon to open the product search.

Attach a photo or video to your comment
You can attach a photo or video to your comment by tapping the camera icon to open your device gallery or taking a photo.

Want to reply to someone who's already commented?
Tap the 'reply to @username' & their username will automatically be added to your new comment. If you tag someone in a comment, you'll notify them you've replied to their comment.

Liking a post

If you like what you see on someone else's post on WeShop, simply double tap the photo/video or tap the heart icon to like the post. The author of the post will be notified when you like the post.

Sharing a Post

On 'Your Feed' tap 'Share' below the post.
Click the application you want to share to.
Click Share to Facebook, Messages, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. You can also choose Share via email, or Copy Link.

Removing a comment on your post

If someone has commented on one of your posts and you'd like to remove it, you can delete their comment.
Long-press anywhere on the comment you want to remove.
Tap the "Delete Comment" option to delete the comment.
You can block another person on WeShop if they're bothering you, don't forget to read our Community Guidelines & learn how to report a post or an account.

Updated on: 26/02/2024