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How to: Make a purchase

In this article, we show you how you can make a purchase using WeShop & start earning Shareback at over 500 of your favourite retailers.

Browsing retailers

With over 500 top UK retailers to choose from, you're not short of choice on WeShop! You'll find the retailers & brands you already love & enjoy on our Shopping page.

You can browse the most popular retailers by category here, whether you're looking for flowers, takeaway or designer fashion, you'll find it on the Shopping page.

If you know what you're looking for, you can search our extensive list of retailers in the search bar by typing the name of the retailer. We're always working on adding new retailers & we'll let you know when new retailers join the platform!

If you're just having a browse and want to know which retailers we've partnered with, you can simply browse the A-Z list by tapping the A-Z retailers tab on the Shopping page & you'll see an alphabetically sorted list of every retailer on the platform.

Finding a product

If you know the item you're after but not sure where to get it, try using the WeShop product search. You can compare prices of over 1 billion products from over 500 retailers.

Simply search for the product name using the search bar & tap the products tab. We're always updating our list of products & we'll do our best at letting you know if it's out of stock before you buy.

Struggling to find the item? Try filtering your search
You can use our handy product filters to help you filter out the products that don't match what you're looking for.

Filter by price - You can set the minimum & maximum amount you want to spend.
Filter by retailer - You can multi-select particular retailers you want to see results from.
Filter by brand - You can multi-select particular brands you want to see results from.

For example, if you're interested in Nike Air Max, but only want to see trainers from FootAsylum & Footlocker. You'd set retailers to 'FootAsylum' & 'Footlocker' & brands 'Nike' to only see Nike products from those retailers.

Save your filters

You can also save your filters so every time you search for a product, you'll only see results that match that criteria. For example, if you only buy items from John Lewis or you've set yourself a spend limit!

The Shareback rate

You'll want to know how much of your purchase you'll earn back in shares before you buy & sometimes retailers have different Shareback rates during promotional periods. You can find the Shareback rate on the retailer's page & on the product page.

Check the important things to know

Every retailer has a slightly different set of terms when it comes to earning Shareback, so to make sure your shares track correctly, we've created a list of 'Important things to know' about the retailer you're looking at.

These might be typically things like, making sure you're not adding too many of the same item to your basket (it could be flagged as fraudulent), or hotel booking add-ons like breakfast & spa access might not be included, etc.

We'll also pop a message up when you first visit a retailer page to let you know if the retailer has slightly more complicated terms than others.

Shop like normal


Once you're on the retailer page, you'll see the 'Shop & earn Shareback' button. Once you press this button you'll see a pop-up appear, simply tap 'Continue' & you'll be redirected to the retailer's homepage where you can browse, add the items to your basket & check-out as normal.

You always have to use the WeShop app to visit the retailer website before you make your purchase, otherwise you won't earn Shareback.
If you've added items to your basket or wishlist before you've used the WeShop app, you may not earn Shareback on your purchase.


If you've found the product you're after, tap the 'Buy now' button & you'll be redirected to the product page on the retailer's website, where you can add the item to your basket (and add other items while on the website!) & check-out as normal.

What happens after you make a purchase?

Your shares will appear in your dashboard & you'll receive an email, and a notification when your transaction is spotted by WeShop. This normally happens within 72 hours after you've received your order confirmation from the retailer (but can be as quick as 10 minutes!)

If you've not received anything from WeShop and your shares haven't appeared in your dashboard after 72 hours, we'd suggest raising a claim with our customer support team.

Raise a claim

Updated on: 02/05/2024