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How to: See historic transactions

You can find a chronologically sorted list of all transactions in your dashboard by tapping the 'Transactions' tab on the top of the screen.


You'll see any purchases you've made from supported WeShop retailers and the amount you've spent, and the amount you've earned per transaction. You'll also see the current status of your transaction.


If you've created a post or recommended a product in a comment and someone tapped on your recommendation to make their purchase, you'll see the amount you've earned by influencing the sale.
You'll earn on anything else they've added to their basket, which is why the price you see in your dashboard might differ to the price of the product you tagged.


You'll see all the people you've invited to WeShop who've signed up & created an account. You'll see whether they've made a purchase. We don't share any additional information about how much they've spent to help improve privacy issues.

Next to each account that you've invited to WeShop, you'll see either:
Joined WeShop - Someone who's joined WeShop but not yet made a purchase.
Made a purchase - Someone who's joined WeShop and made a purchase (you'll also see the Shareback rate that you're eligible to earn when they spend).


If you've made a share withdrawal (either a share certificate or during the period where share buybacks were supported), you'll see the list of withdrawals & the date you've withdrawn them here.

Updated on: 02/05/2024