WeShop is a platform for free expression. These guidelines are meant only to instruct our users as to what is not allowed on WeShop. If you come across a post, comment or message that seems to break these rules, you can report it to us.

Our content and community management team works hard to keep divisive, disturbing or unsafe content off of WeShop. We may delete some types of content, and other stuff we may just hide from public areas to offer everyone the best experience.

We don't support content that promotes or condones hate against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, veteran status or sexual orientation/gender identity, or whose primary purpose is inciting hatred on the basis of these core characteristics.

For safety reasons:

We remove porn and nudity.
We remove content that physically or sexually exploits people. We work with law enforcement to address the sexualisation of minors.
We remove images that show gratuitous violence or glorify violence.
We may remove or hide comments that include personal insults, including name-calling, racism, sexism, hate speech, or obscenity.
We remove anything that promotes self-harm, such as self mutilation, eating disorders or drug abuse.
We remove hate speech and discrimination, or groups and people that advocate either.
We remove content used to threaten or organise violence or support violent organisations.
We remove attacks on private people or sharing of personally identifiable information.
We remove accounts that impersonate any person or organisation.
We remove harmful advice, content that targets individuals or protected groups, and content created as part of disinformation campaigns.
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