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How to: Recommend a Product

If you've purchased something you'd love to share with the rest of the community on WeShop, you can post a recommendation for that product & if they purchase your recommendation, you'll earn Shareback!

Remember! Not all retailers are supported when posting recommendations. We only support retailers with product inventory (e.g. hotels, flights & takeaways are not currently supported).

Step 1: Finding the products

Tap the (+) Create button at the bottom of the screen.
Tap Create a new recommendation.
You can now search for the products(s) you'd like to recommend. You can recommend up to 6 products per post.
Tap the checkbox to add the product to your post & hit Done when you've added the product(s) you'd like to recommend.
You can change the order of the products by pressing & holding on the thumbnail of the product at the bottom of the screen or tap the thumbnail to remove it from your post.
Once you're happy with the post, let's move onto uploading the photos & videos.

Step 2: Uploading photos & videos

Tap the upload media button in the middle of the screen, alternatively, you can open your camera right away and take a photo if you've got the product in front of you.
Remember! Using product images simply takes the photograph of the product provided, these posts generally don't gain much attention. We always recommend creating genuine & authentic posts, with the best demonstration of the product you can do.
Pick either a video or photo from your device gallery (you'll need to make sure any videos you upload are under 60s).
If you've uploaded a photo, you'll then have an option to pin the product to your photo. You can use the product pins to highlight the exact placement of a product in your photo. You can read more about pins later in this article.
Similar to the product ordering, you can press & hold the thumbnails to change the order of them in your post or tap to edit/remove the media.

Editing the photo

You can use the crop icon in the bottom-left of the product pinning screen, you'll be able to move and crop your photo to how you want it before uploading.

Step 3: Caption & publishing

Write a compelling & interesting caption to help people understand why you love the product & why you want other people to buy it.
You can also use the caption field to add #hashtags & @mentions of other WeShop members using their username.
Once you're happy with your recommendation, hit the 'Publish' button in the top-right of the screen to post your recommendation.
Remember! You'll need to keep the app open until the post has finished publishing, otherwise it may not post your recommendation.

Updated on: 26/02/2024