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How to: Understand your Dashboard

You can see what you've earned on WeShop by checking your dashboard. You'll see the current value of your shares, the total number of shares in your dashboard & how you've earned them in your transactions.

Your balance

Your dashboard is made up of a few different sections, your balance is the current value of the shares in your account.

This is the current value of your shares in GBP. The amount will go up and down depending on the number of shares you've got and the current share price. Simply put, if you've got 100 shares at a share price of £1, your dashboard will show £100. If the share prices goes up to £1.20, you'd have 100 shares x £1.20 = £120 value.

This is the total number of your shares in your account. The number you see on your dashboard will be a combination of available shares and shares you're still waiting to become available.

This is the current share price for the WeShop stock. When this changes, the value of your shares will change. We'll notify you when the share price changes.

Available shares

Similar to your dashboard, it looks very similar but will be made up of a slightly different calculation. You can swipe right on your balance to see this card.

All-time purchases, influences & referrals

The sections below your primary balance card are a calculation of your all-time earnings from those individual Shareback reward types. If you've made a share withdrawal, your all-time earnings will not add up to the amount in your balance.

This will show the value of the shares you've earned when shopping with WeShop.

This will show the value of the shares you've earned when people buy from your recommendations.

This will show the value of the shares you've earned when people you've invited to WeShop make a purchase. 

If you've only invited one person who's made a purchase, you won't be able to see the amount for privacy reasons.

Dashboard help guides

You can tap the down-arrow to expand the quick links to help you find articles & links important to you as a WeShop member.


You can see a list of all the transactions you've made, purchases you've influenced by recommending or people you've invited to WeShop. Simply tap the tab at the top of the screen 'Transactions' or tap any of the all-time earnings sections to see that specific page.

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Refer & Earn

You can share your unique refer & earn link using the WeShop app to invite your friends to WeShop and you'll earn Shareback every time they purchase. Simply tap the 'Refer & Earn' tab at the top-right of the screen to see your Refer & Earn page.

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Updated on: 26/02/2024