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Which operating systems are supported by the WeShop app?

WeShop is available for free on your Android & iOS devices.
The WeShop app supports the following operating systems:
Android: 8.0 or greater
iOS: 15.0 or greater

If your operating system is supported, you'll receive regular updates to your WeShop app and you'll get access to great new features as they launch. For the best experience using WeShop, we recommend updating your device to the latest available operating system & latest version of the WeShop app.

What happens when my operating system isn’t supported anymore?

When we no longer support an operating system, your WeShop app may stop working and you won't receive any further updates to any new features that we publish.
Over time, your experience on WeShop may start to slow down & other issues (including security-related issues) as we continue to launch new features.

Why is the app showing a 'you must update your WeShop app' message?

Occasionally, we release an app feature that's critical to the experience or fixes a security issue so important that we have to force app updates in order to continue using WeShop. We do not take this decision lightly, but it's important you update your WeShop app when we force this message on your device.

Updated on: 26/02/2024