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Choose an appropriate username

Your username is publicly available and can only be set once. No two people can have the same username on WeShop.

Character limits

Usernames must be at least 2 characters in length, use lowercase letters a-z and numbers. We recommend keeping usernames reasonably concise for ease of use and recognition.

Inappropriate terms

You cannot choose a username with profanity or hidden profanity (e.g. sh1t), brand/retailer names or celebrities. Our validation checks will prevent registering inappropriate usernames.

Personal information

Feel free to creatively reference names or initials but refrain from usernames that visibly contain confidential personal details i.e. emails, home addresses, phone numbers, or financial details that could increase vulnerability if displayed.

Want to change your username?

Unique usernames are important to help us verify the accounts on our platform. Once created, usernames cannot be changed. Please choose your username carefully during sign-up, as changes are unfortunately not possible.

Updated on: 26/02/2024