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How to: Ask a question

Not sure what you're after or need help picking the perfect product? Ask a question to the community & find the answer you're looking for on your next purchase.

Step 1: Typing your question

Tap the (+) Create button at the bottom of the screen.
Tap Create a new question.
You can now start typing your question, you can use up to 250 characters in your question.
Once you've drafted your question, you can tap the 'Next' button to customise the background of your question.
You can choose to:
a) Upload a photo from your camera roll.
b) Pick from popular backgrounds.
c) Take a photo with your device.
Once you've chosen your background, you can customise the font, size & colour of the text.

Step 2: Tagging products

You can search for the product(s) you'd like to tag. You can tag up to 6 products per question.
Tap the checkbox to add the product to your post & hit Done when you've added the product(s) you'd like to ask about.
You can change the order of the products by pressing & holding on the thumbnail of the product at the bottom of the screen or tap the thumbnail to remove it from your post.
Once you're happy with the post, let's move onto picking a caption for your question.

Step 3: Caption & publishing

Write a compelling & interesting caption to help people understand why you're asking the question.
You can also use the caption field to add #hashtags & @mentions of other WeShop members using their username.
Once you're happy with your question, hit the 'Publish' button in the top-right of the screen to post your question.

Remember! You'll need to keep the app open until the post has finished publishing, otherwise it may not post your question.

Updated on: 26/02/2024