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How to: Add favourite retailers

Shop at a particular retailer frequently? Try adding them to your favourites for quick-access on the Shopping page. You can add up to 30 retailers to your favourites at any one time.

Adding a retailer to your favourites

Tap the 'Add a favourite retailer' button
Search from the list of supported retailers
Tap the 'heart' icon on the right-hand side of the results.
You'll now have added that retailer to your list of retailers & it'll auto-save.

Already on a retailer page?

If you'd like to add a retailer to your favourites, simply tap the heart icon. If you've already added a retailer to your favourite, you can tap the heart icon to remove it.

Removing retailers from your favourites

Tap the edit button in the top-right of the screen.
You'll be able to tap the bin icon to delete the retailer.
Once you've deleted the retailers you don't want as favourites anymore, your favourites list will have auto-saved.

Updated on: 26/02/2024