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What is Shareback?

Do your shopping through the mobile app & earn shares in WeShop, we call it Shareback.

Shareback is a reward offered exclusively to members of the WeShop community, whereby members will receive shares in WeShop for shopping online, inviting their friends who make a purchase or influencing a purchase by posting recommendations.

We've put together a handy video to help you understand.

How can I earn Shareback?

You can earn Shareback in three simple ways using the WeShop app:
Making a purchase - Simply tap the 'Shop & earn' button on any retailer & make your purchase like normal at the retailer and you'll earn shares on your purchases.
Recommend a product - If you love a certain product and want to let others know about it, you can recommend it in a post or tag it in a comment & you'll earn shares if someone taps your recommendation and makes a purchase.
Refer your friends - Every time you invite your friends to WeShop & they make a purchase, you'll earn a referral reward in shares. It's like a thank you for helping grow the community.

It takes, on average, 72 hours for your purchases to appear in your dashboard. If you've made a purchase and it hasn't appeared yet, you can raise a claim via the mobile app.

Raise a missing purchase claim

What can I do with my available shares?

Once WeShop is listed on a stock exchange (aiming for September 2024), the intention is you'll be able to sell them or keep them.

Updated on: 26/02/2024