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How to earn Shareback

Shareback is a reward offered exclusively to members of the WeShop community, whereby members receive shares in WeShop for shopping online, inviting their friends who make a purchase or influencing a purchase by posting recommendations.

Making a purchase

There are few different ways to shop using the WeShop app, here we'll show you the variety of ways you can find what you're looking for.

Searching for a retailer

You can use the search bar at the top of every page, simply type in the name of the retailer you're looking for and you'll see a list of retailers that closely match what you've typed in.

Found the retailer you want? Tap on the result to see the full retailer page, then tap the 'Shop & earn shares' button to enable Shareback & browse the retailer website, add your items to your basket, check-out as normal & your shares should appear in your dashboard within 72 hours.

Searching for a product

If you know what you want, but are not sure where you should buy it. Use the WeShop search bar at the top of every page and tap the 'Products' tab to see the products available from hundreds of our supported retailers.

Once you've found the product you like, simply tap on the result to view more details and make your purchase by tapping the Buy Now button and you'll be taken to the retailer website. Your shares should appear in your dashboard within 72 hours.
Struggling to find what you're looking for? Try using the product filters to set the exact parameters of what you're after to filter your results down more accurately.

Buying from your home feed

Seen something that your friend has recommended? Simply tap the product tag to visit the product page, you can read more about the product & tap the 'Buy Now' button to open the retailer website.
You can add anything to your basket after you've tapped on the Buy Now button on the retailer website & you'll earn shares on the entire basket. The author of the post will also earn a few shares for your purchase too!

Made a purchase and the shares haven't appeared yet? Raise a claim

Recommend a product

Posting a recommendation

If you've bought something you'd like to share with the rest of the WeShop community, you can post a recommendation using the mobile app. Simply upload a photo or video of the item(s) you'd like to recommend, search for the product & tag it in the recommendation.

You'll earn shares if someone buys something from your recommendation.

Tagging a comment

If someone's asking for advice on which product to purchase and you've got a great suggestion, try tagging the product in a comment. You can simply search for a product when adding a comment & you'll earn shares if someone buys something from your comment.

Refer your friends

Every time you invite your friends to WeShop, you'll earn shares when they make a purchase. Every time you share a link for a post, refer & earn, profile, product or retailer - we'll automatically add your unique referral code to the link.

Updated on: 26/02/2024