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What does it mean if my shares are 'in retailer review'?

When you purchase an item or book a holiday at one of the supported retailers on WeShop, they'll tell us that you've made a transaction normally within 72 hours. The transaction then goes into a 'pending' state, we'd normally show this in your dashboard as 'Available in X months'.

During this 'pending' state, the retailer is waiting for the returns period to pass or in the case of a holiday booking, you'll need to take the holiday in order to make sure the transaction can be marked as a genuine purchase.

This period of time can fluctuate anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years. If you've pre-booked a holiday for 18 months time, then it'll take longer than 12 months for the retailer to review your transaction. If this happens, your transaction changes from 'Available in X months' to 'In retailer review' - as soon as the retailer has reviewed your transaction, your shares will be available immediately.

Updated on: 26/02/2024