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# (hashtag)
See hashtag.

The @ symbol is used to tag your friends in posts, comments or wishlists. By tagging someone's username, you'll notify them that you want to gain their attention.
'**@ben** did you buy this yet?'

The brand/make of a particular product.
'These are a pair of Nike trainers.'

If you block someone on WeShop, it will cease all forms of communication & access to either account. The person you've blocked will not be able to find your account, or access your content and you won't see their content or be able to access their account.
'I had to block Steve.'

The text added underneath your social post.
'Adding a caption to your post helps describe the post better.'

The horizontal-scrolling cards across many pages in the mobile app.
'Check out the carousel for the popular retailers.'

A type of customer-service query to retrieve more information about transactions that went missing, show the wrong amount or are incorrectly declined.
'Raise a claim with support for your missing purchase.'

A written response from other readers on a creator's post.
'Customise your comment by adding a photo or product.'

The WeShop network of people who use the WeShop shoppable social network.
'Join the WeShop community & be part of the #retailrevolution.'

The space in the app where people can see their WSHP shares balance/breakdown.
'Check your dashboard to see how many shares you have earned.'

A transaction of which shares will be removed from the dashboard.
'Your purchase was declined because you returned the item.'

Discover (Shop Now)
The space in the app where people can see all supported retailers.
'Did you know B&Q are on the Discover page?'

The term used to describe the ownership of the company issued shares.
'I have 20,000 shares which is 0.01% of the company equity.'

Your personalised stream of content based on who you follow or your interests.
'Check out my latest post in your feed.'

The people you've selected to be most interested in to help build your content feed.
'I'm following Dana on WeShop, I love her posts.'

The people who've selected to follow you.
'I'm one of your followers on WeShop.'

People who follow you, and you follow them back.
'We're friends on WeShop because we follow each other.'

A hashtag is any word or phrase immediately preceded by the # symbol. When you click or tap on a hashtag, you'll see other posts containing the same hashtag.
'Great posts this #summer.'

The space in the app to see important notifications about your purchases or social activity.
'Check your inbox to find out more about your latest purchase.'

(Influenced sales) When you've posted a recommendation and someone from the WeShop community buys it using your link.
'I influenced 10 sales last week from my WeShop post.'

When someone enjoys your post or comment, they can show appreciation by liking the content.
'James liked my post the other day.'

The term used to describe both image & video content when creating a post on WeShop.
'Don't forget to upload media to your post.'

The term used to describe both image & video content when creating a post on WeShop.
Displays your interactions related to WeShop on your iOS or Android notification centre.
'I just got a notification for the £30 shares just added to my dashboard.'

Specifically highlighting a location in the media for the product you want to reference.
'I can drop up to 6 pins on this picture to show-off all the items.'

Generic term to describe both recommendations & questions submitted to WeShop's social feed.
'I can create a post for you on WeShop.'

The space in the app to see your own recommendations, questions & wishlists.
'Check out the posts on your profile.'

A type of post you can create on WeShop to ask the community for suggestions.
'I posted a question about the new Dyson hair-dryer.'

A type of post you can create on WeShop to recommend products you love to use.
'I'm recommending this hair-dryer because it's amazing.'

When you've invited someone to signup to the WeShop shoppable social network.
'I referred my friend to use WeShop & earned a percentage of whatever he spends.'

The businesses selling products or services.
'You can shop 500+ top UK retailers on WeShop.'

Reward offered exclusively to members of the WeShop community, whereby members receive shares in WeShop for shopping online, inviting their friends or posting recommendations.
'I can earn double Shareback this week because it's my birthday.'

A slice (share) of the company.
'You can earn shares in WeShop Holdings Limited.'

A store is a synonym for retailer. Typically used in American markets.
'Check out my online store.'

You can tag a post with an @username tag or a #hash tag in the caption.
'I tagged you in my latest WeShop post.'

The space in the app where people can save products to review or purchase at a later time.
'I love these Dior trainers, I'll add them to my wishlist.'

The world's first shoppable social network, 90% owned by the community that use it.
'Have you joined WeShop yet? Why wouldn't you?'

Updated on: 26/02/2024