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Community Guidelines: Integrity & Authenticity

Content relevancy

WeShop, first and foremost, is a shopping platform, where our community look for advice, recommendations and ideas for their next purchase. We understand conversation is an important factor of the buying process. We support positive and negative opinions of products, however, different opinions should not offend or upset people.
We make sure the content on our platform is relevant to WeShop & its community.
We remove content that references unsupported retailers/products (unless in the context of asking for supported alternatives).
We are aware that members may use the platform to ask if a retailer is going to join WeShop or wants to request them, if you’re looking to request a retailer on WeShop, you may do so below.
Request a Retailer


We may deactivate accounts that post (either automatically, or manually) at very high frequencies.
We remove content that encourages interaction under false pretences, e.g. “Get unlimited shares with this hack!”
We remove content to URLs that might damage WeShop’s reputation (e.g. porn websites, gore/shock sites, etc.).

Your identity

We remove accounts that are acting under suspicious conditions, WeShop reserve the right to deactivate any account.
We remove content that is knowingly impersonating another member on WeShop (unless under certain contexts, such as ‘fan accounts’).


We remove content that is misleading or misinterpreted. WeShop may review the content to determine the validity of content.
We remove content that is designed to promote misinformation.
We remove content that actively targets WeShop in a defamatory way.


We remove content that attempts to obtain access to other WeShop accounts through deceptive means.
We remove content that attempts to force other members to share personal information through deceptive means.
We remove content that attempts to encourage members to download or run files or programs that will compromise a user's online or data security (including, malicious software & websites).

Updated on: 26/02/2024