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Community Guidelines: Safety

We are constantly reviewing our Community Guidelines to improve the service for everyone, making sure the content is relevant to WeShop & appropriate for everyone to enjoy. We are a community of different age groups, gender identities & nationalities; so please be respectful.

Sharing of personal & financial information

We remove any content that leak personal information to attack or 'swat' other creators.
We remove any content that share personal information (e.g. national insurance number, home address, etc.) about another creator.
We remove any content where a creator has shared financial information (such as credit card or banking information) about someone else.

Dangerous activity (extreme sports, etc.)

We may review content that shows the participation of extreme sports or dangerous activity when clearly not performed under the supervision of trained professionals.
Bullying, harassment & hate speech
We have introduced universal protection for everyone, this is enforced across all content regardless of account. We distinguish between public figures & private individuals, because we want to allow discussion of topics; which often contains critical commentary.
For private individuals, the protection goes further. We have strict rules and policies in place to protect against content intended to shame and degrade people, including (but not limited to), claims about a person's sexual activity.
We also give our members the ability to 'block' other members on WeShop if they feel it is necessary. Bullying and harassment happens in many different forms, including, threats to malicious unwanted contact. WeShop does not tolerate bullying, harassment or hate speech of any kind; and we reserve the right to close your account if you repeatedly break these community guidelines.

Everyone is protected from:
Unwanted contact; whether repeated, sexual or attempting to attack someone in any capacity.
We remove any content that is attempting to suggest someone should commit suicide or self-injure.
We remove content that is seen as severe sexual commentary or manipulated photography to appear sexual, e.g. 'fake nudes'.
We remove content that uses racial slurs or is seen as a threat, or attack based on their race.
We remove content that is sexist, including any attacks based on their gender.
We remove content that is seen as calls for death and statements in favour of contracting or developing a medical condition.
We also remove content for celebrating or mocking death or medical condition, claims about sexually transmitted diseases, derogatory terms to gender-specific cursing, statements of inferiority about physical appearance.

Self-harm, suicide or self mutilation

WeShop wants to provide a community where people can feel safe, and share their thoughts on specific products or purchases.
We remove content that promotes, encourages or provides instructions for:
Eating disorders
We remove content that depicts graphic self-injury or self-mutilation imagery.
We remove content that depicts a person engaged in a suicide attempt or death by suicide.
We remove content that depicts the process of extreme body modifications, posting the healed result is OK.
We remove content that mocks victims or survivors of suicide or self-injury.
If any person(s) decided to use WeShop to post suicide notes, these may also be removed when contacted through WeShop when we have confirmation of a suicide or suicide attempt.

It is OK to post photos of healed scars, or other non-graphic content in a recovery context.

If you are in need of help, it's available for free 24/7 from the Samaritans - Visit Samaritans Website

Eating disorders

We remove content that focuses on depiction of ribs, collar bones, thigh gaps, hips, concave stomach or protruding spine or scapula when shared with terms associated with eating disorders.
We remove content that contains instructions for drastic and unhealthy weight loss when shared together with terms associated with eating disorders.
Child sexual exploitation, abuse & nudity
We do not allow content that sexually exploits or endangers minors. When we become aware of apparent child exploitation, we report it to the relevant authorities, in full compliance with the applicable law.
You must be aged 18 or over to have a WeShop account.
We are aware that sometimes, people share nude images of their own children with good & harmless intentions, however, we generally remove those images because of the potential for abuse by others or misappropriating the images.
We remove content that depicts, threatens, supports, praises or provides instructions for the sexual exploitation of children (Including real minors, toddlers, babies or non-real depictions with a human likeness, such as AI-generated content, fictional characters, dolls, etc.)
We follow the same description of sexual activity or content as in our Objectionable Content policy.

Interaction with children

We remove all inappropriate interactions with children (either directly or indirectly), such as:
Arranging or planning real-world sexual encounters with children.
Purposefully exposing children to sexually explicit language or sexual material.
Engaging in implicitly sexual conversations in private messages with children.
Obtaining or requesting sexual material from children.

Adult sexual exploitation

We remove content where any form of non-consensual sexual touching, necrophilia or forced stripping, including:
Any form of media (photographs, videos & digital artwork).
Asking or threatening to share media related.
We remove content that attempts to exploit people by coercing money, favours or threatening to share intimate imagery or information.
We remove content that appears to be uploaded in a vengeful manner (e.g. revenge porn).
We remove content that appears to be secretly taken of a person’s commonly sexualised body parts (breasts, groin, buttocks or thighs). This is commonly known as ‘creep shots’ or ‘upskirts’.

Human trafficking

We remove content that facilitates or advocates sex trafficking.
We remove content that facilitates or advocates sales of children or illegal adoption.
We remove content related to forced marriage.
We remove content related to any forced criminal activity (e.g. forced begging, forced drug trafficking).
We remove content related to illegal organ trafficking.

Updated on: 26/02/2024