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Community Guidelines: Objectionable content

We are constantly reviewing our Community Guidelines to improve the service for everyone, making sure the content is relevant to WeShop & appropriate for everyone to enjoy. We are a community of different age groups, gender identities & nationalities; so please be respectful.

We remove content that target people or groups of people relating to any of the following:
Violent speech or media
Hate speech
Dehumanising in the form of comparisons, generalisations or unqualified behavioural statements.
Stereotyping linked to intimidation, exclusion or violence.
We remove content that are related to defamation of character (libel & slander) of a business, person or groups of people.
We remove content related to targeting a person based on their characteristics, e.g. physical appearance, gender, education, mental health, hygiene, etc.
We remove content containing derogatory terms linked to any character traits, sexual activity, moral deficiencies.
We remove content that mock a concept, event or victims based on hate crimes.

Handling nudity & adult content

WeShop treat nudity & adult content slightly differently to other restricted categories, due to the sensitive nature of this content. We are aware that content & product usage can vary depending on the context it's used. We will continue to change our community guidelines as we grow the community.
We remove content that visibly show genitalia, except in certain contexts of medical or health situations (e.g. examination of cancer or disease prevention, birth-giving, etc.).
We remove content that visibly show the anus and/or fully nude close-ups of buttocks.
We remove content that include imagery of explicit sexual activity, including:
Sexual intercourse and/or oral sex, defined as mouth or genitals entering or in contact with another person's genitals or anus, where at least one person's genitals are nude.
Explicit stimulation of genitalia or anus, defined as stimulating genitalia or anus by inserting objects or making contact, including sex toys.

We remove content related to extreme fetish content that involves:
Acts that are likely to lead to the death of a person or animal
Bodily fluids (including, but not limited to: faeces, sperm, urine, saliva, menstruation or vomit).
We remove content which depict animated/real-life fictional characters partaking in explicit sexual activity (e.g. Marge Simpson posing full-frontal nude).
We remove content that are of a extreme sexual implied nature where the body can be visibly seen to be harmed, such as bruising from 'heavy impact play'.
We remove content that contain audio of explicit sexual activity.

Sexually explicit language

We remove content where the language used is sexually explicit and goes into graphic detail:
A state of sexual arousal
An act of sexual activity
We remove content of screenshots where sexual conversations are present (e.g. "sexting").
Satirical, humorous & educational context may be flagged for review (such as sexual cursing).

Use of slang/inside jokes/nicknames

Our Content Review Team are aware of common slang & derogatory terms for a variety of topics, and will reserve the right to remove content that contain any form of slang (e.g. 'Mushroom tip is another reference for the glans of a penis.'). The Content Review team will attempt to remove all posts that break our Community Guidelines, but, we're also aware that modern slang changes by region and new phrases are being used everyday.
Our Content Review Team will also review cases where an inside joke is shared between members that might break our Community Guidelines. WeShop is for everyone.

Suggestive & demonstrative content

Unless specifically outlined above in real adult nudity, we may allow content that demonstrates the purpose of a product using inanimate objects (such as dildos, fleshlights, vibrators, etc.) without the use of real adult nudity.
We may also review suggestive content when related to inanimate objects, for example, Sploshing, where people find sexual gratification from interacting with food or watching others do the same.
Adult sexual activity in real-world & digital artwork
Any digital or real-world art that depicts implied or explicit nudity or sexual activity that is deemed as 'realism' might be flagged and removed. Any digital artwork that depicts sexual activity or nudity might also be flagged and removed.
Content with anthropomorphic entities & furries when presented in a sexual nature may be flagged for review.

Updated on: 26/02/2024