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How does WeShop make money?

WeShop has a few different streams of income, we are first and foremost, a marketing business. We help connect brands & retailers with budding shoppers like yourself, people who are actively searching for their next purchase.

1. Brand & retailer revenue

Using WeShop enables customers to be more likely to continue shopping and discover new brands & products. This type of marketing is called affiliate marketing. Every time you shop using the WeShop app at one of our supported retailers, WeShop earns a commission from the retailer & rewards you (the customer) with a percentage of the purchase back in shares.

2. Advertising

Another critical source of income for WeShop is advertising. WeShop continues to grow and build a network of frequent shoppers; this means we're able to offer brands & retailers an opportunity to quickly promote their product and start to attract new or existing customers to their offer.

3. Your shopping habits

WeShop understands how our members shop at hundreds of retailers, how much they spend, what they're buying & at what time of the year they're likely to buy something. This habitual information is important for brands who want to gain the edge on their competitors by understanding how & why a person is shopping elsewhere.

You can learn more about the use of your data by visiting the Privacy Policy. All your personal data is anonymous & stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act, enforced by the ICO.

Updated on: 26/02/2024