WeShop is a Shoppable Social Network. For too long exceptionally large online shopping platforms and social media sites have generated vast profits from their users. Making money from people doing their shopping through those sites or indeed monetising people’s data when they just talk, search and communicate with their friends through their platforms.

Very little if any of these profits have been shared with the people who actually created the success of these platforms. That’s you, your family and your friends.
WeShop intends to fundamentally change the way these platforms work and most importantly how they are owned. Making them work for you.
WeShop’s revolutionary mechanism ‘ShareBack’ means the people using the platform earn an investment in the company with each purchase, successful recommendation or introduction of a new member to the community.

WeShop intends to return the value you create by using the WeShop app by both rewarding you with shares and increasing the value of those shares as the value of WeShop grows.

So, through WeShop, just buy the products you always buy, from the same retailers you always use, at the same price you always pay and become an owner of the next Amazon.

It’s time for you to share in the wealth you have helped to create and it’s time to start the #RetailRevolution.

For more information click the link to the WeShop Holdings Corporate Website https://weshopholdings.com/
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