Each time you earn shares in WeShop they are issued to your dashboard

WeShop shares you’ve earned will be automatically added to your account within an average of 72 hours.
After 12 months & once the retailer has approved your purchase, your shares are free to ‘unlock’ – so you can sell them if you wish or keep them to grow and be part of an exciting new British Tech company.
Once ‘unlocked’ you can transfer your shares to any stockbroker you have linked to your account.

Don’t worry if you don’t currently have a stockbroker or a trading App as we will have a number of options with partners for you to easily open an account or trading app so you can start your investment savings journey.

How to Earn Shares in Weshop - it's called “ShareBack”

1. Making a purchase
Earning shares when you shop direct or browse products
Every time you make a purchase by just shopping at your favourite retailer through WeShop
Earn 10% of your basket (doubled to 20% during WeShop’s launch)
As an example... Buy an APPLE 10.2" iPad (2021) - 64 GB from Curry’s for £310 and receive £62 of shares in WeShop

2. Influencing a sale
Helping the community earns you shares
Every time you create a recommendation (in a comment or a feed post) and someone purchases that item from your WeShop profile
Earn 5% of their basket (doubled to 10% during WeShop’s launch)
As an example... Post and recommend your favourite Max Mara Crocodile-print Leather Belt from Harvey Nichols for £185. If one follower buys it you receive £18.50 of shares in WeShop. If five followers buy it you get £92.50

WeShop early bird exclusive: Invite a friend who makes their first purchase to earn a bonus £50 in shares (earn up to £250 bonus shares for 5 friends)

3. Referring a friend

Earn shares when your friends spend
Every time you refer a friend and they sign up to WeShop with your referral code/username you are rewarded with a share of their total spend through WeShop
Earn 1% of their basket every time they spend. For a limited time only, you'll earn a bonus £50 when you invite a friend who makes their first purchase (earn up to £250 for 5 friends)
As an example... Invite your friends, family and colleagues to WeShop and when they sign up with your referral code/username you'll get 1% of their total spend on WeShop

WeShop early bird exclusive: Earn 100% Shareback on your first purchase, find out more below

4. Your first purchase

WeShop will match the basket value of your first purchase
WeShop will match the basket value of your first purchase
Earn 100% on your first purchase only
As an example... Spend £50 at Majestic Wine as your first purchase on WeShop and WeShop will match the £50 in shares

Don't miss out! Invite your friends to WeShop before someone else does...
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